The Nine Lenses of Poetry

Dates: 5 Sundays, February 11 through March 10, 2024

Time: 5pm to 6pm PST

with Danusha Laméris

Are you an Innovator? A Soul Keeper?

There are so many ways to write poems. And so many kinds of poems to read.
Sometimes, it’s easy to think there's a right way to write, or a wrong way. Or just that we don't–––and can’t–– relate to certain types of poems.

What if there were a way to hold all the different styles without judgment, to see what a poem has to offer and what it offers the same way we might study an animal in its own biome?

This is what coming up with the Nine Lenses of Poetry has done for me. It’s given me new ways to appreciate all kinds of poems, as well as a way to frame my own work.

My hope is that by spending time studying these Nine Lenses, you will be able to strengthen your own poems, and to deepen in your appreciation of poetry.

This will an online Zoom class. No prerequisites. You don’t even have to be a writer! Just a reader, and someone who is curious about poetry.

In five, one hour sessions, I will offer craft talks on the Nine Lenses, contemplations and prompts, and space at the end for a Q and A.

5 Sessions:

  1. Introduction to the Nine Lenses and Outline of the Class, Soul Keepers
  2. Bards of the Everyday and Wry Observers
  3. The Nimble Elegists/Sad Jesters and Dreamtime/Magical Realists
  4. Uncomfortable Truth Tellers and Innovators
  5. Poetry of Witness and Eco-Poets

Run of Class

  • Go over 1-2 poetry lenses
  • Read Sample Poems 
  • Time for Q&A 
  • Sessions recorded to watch later or in case you missed a class

$250.00 USD